Instantly Add Mobile Web Control to Any Network Application

The possibilities are endless with uSwitch, our 2 channel IP addressable relay. Need to control devices remotely? Control anything from anywhere. Securely log into the unit from any web browser including web browsers on cell phones like Android, iPhone, tablets and computers and control anything from anywhere.

You can turn on lights, open doors and gates over a network as well trigger events from one building to another. That means seamlessly adding mobile control to any existing access control system!

Simple to use and with no programming required, uSwitch automatically builds a control web page, provides multiple levels of password protected and can operate stand alone or user directed via the Internet or a local intranet.

uSwitch also has the ability to auto reboot networking devices like cradlepoints, ravenX's, IP cameras and routers when they lock up or stop communicating. 

Each relay channel on the uSwitch can be programmed remotely from a web browser to ping up to 3 IP Addresses or URL's like Google, a server back at the head end or individual devices on location. If for any reason uSwitch doesn't get a response back, the unit automatically powers off your networking devices and turns them back on without any human intervention.

With endless possibilities available, what will “u” do with a uSwitch? Learn more and see for yourself at