Reboot network devices without going onsite
Seamlessly add mobile control to any existing access control system
Control Anything Anywhere, Anytime
Open Gates and Doors without running wires or digging trenches

Connect. Control. Reboot.



Control Anything Anywhere, Anytime Over the Web or Network

  • Turn devices on and off, open/close doors and gates
  • Automatically or manually reboot network devices
  • Log into uSwitch from any web enabled device including iPhone, Android, PC and Mac

All that uSwitch Does and More!

uSwitch PRO


User Customizable GPIO Inputs with Control at the Push of any Button

The uSwitch Pro offers the same functions as uSwitch but also includes GPIO inputs that can be used to trigger up to 16 other uSwitch relays locally or remotely across any network.

NEW! Wifi / Ethernet Web based I/O Controller

uSwitch CS


Infinite possibilities with the ultimate uSwitch that manages, senses, and reboots any device, anywhere, anytime - Plus, secure text and email event notifications

  • Built-In Web Server/Wi-Fi/ Ethernet Access Point
  • Full Encryption including TLS/HTTPS
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communications
  • Voltage Monitoring

Convert uSwitch Relays to AC Power Outlets

uSwitch A-Plug


No Need for Wiring or Splicing. Easily Snaps into any uSwitch

  • Supplies input power for any uSwitch
  • Easily snaps into any existing uSwitch
  • No need for wiring or splicing


Using the uSwitch PRO we were able build a custom access control system, securing our warehouse without investing thousands of dollars we simply did not have.

Allan Davis - Security Director

The uSwitch has saved us literally thousands of dollars from the first day we began implementing it into our infrastructure.  Setup was a breeze.

Paul Jones - Maintenance Supervisor

We went from flying helicopters, costing us thousands of dollars a day to tapping a button on our Mobile phone.  I strongly recommend trying uSwitch PoE.

Erik Ellis - Operations Manager

Case Studies

Solving Camera Lockups in Alaska