Add Mobile Control to Any Access Control System

The uSwitch Ethernet/WiFi relays and I/O eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming physical installations by adding mobile control to existing access control systems and providing complete control from an Android, iPhone, or tablet, as well as your PC and MAC.
The relays of the uSwitch are highly versatile with options including Momentary, Resettable Timers, Pulse, Latch, GPIO inputs for Motion, and other sensors.
The uSwitch CS supports up to 25 individual accounts with fully assignable Pins or passwords that can be easily managed from any mobile device or computer without the need for any subscriptions.
This solution is great for those seeking to add network connectivity to any access control system and can also be utilized to control lights, sirens, and other devices. The uSwitch CS is also highly secure, offering users the ability to receive encrypted email/SMS alerts based on I/O events, Watchdog Events, and Scheduled Events
Also, all uSwitch relays automatically, ping, and reboot modems, routers, NVRs, servers, cameras, etc.