Put uSwitch in Your Most Challenging Location

Once uSwitch "Passes the Test"
You'll Put uSwitch in Every Deployment!

What do you do when a network device stops communicating in hard-to-reach areas?

uSwitch not only automatically reboots your network devices without human intervention but will also track, monitor, correct, and alert you with secure event notifications by text or email in real time if there is an issue. uSwitch has already proven itself time and time again in a host of challenging locations.

Real-life challenging conditions include deserts, the arctic, mines, phone poles, covert cameras watching criminal activity, and much more...

There are times when you need to put cameras, modems, and other network devices in areas that are far, away hard to reach, and even in a climate that is not conducive to returning to the installation easily.

When a network device stops communicating, the solution is uSwitch.

Put uSwitch in your most challenging location and see for yourself!

Once uSwitch "passes the test" you'll put a uSwitch on every deployment.

Your Network is Only as Good as Your Connection!

Let us know where you placed uSwitch and how it solved your connection issues. And if you are already using uSwitch, let us know that as well.


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