Stay Alerted With uSwitch CS IP Addressable Relay Encrypted Text/Email

uSwitch CS uses an encrypted mail client to send you email/text notification alerts for watchdog, I/O, timed, or scheduled relay events


Get Notified on Camera, Sensor, and Alarm Activity

● Trigger notifications from GPIO Inputs

● Trigger notifications from relay state changes, sensor activity, momentary switch changes, or latching states

● Trigger notifications from watchdog reboots and connectivity inconsistencies


Get Notified on Voltage, Temperature, and Pressure

● Trigger notifications from ADC inputs that are user calibratable with limits and triggers and events

● ADC supports Configurable Resolution options, Hardware Sampling RatesScaling, Offsets, and Hysteresis


Receive Automatic Alerts for Scheduled Events

● Trigger notifications from the Built-in Scheduler which can run off NTP servers or, (if NTP is not available) a manually entered time

● Scheduler supports up to 8 timed events per entry (up to 20 days/and up to 300 Scheduled Events selectable by relay)

● Scheduler supports Calendar, Weekday, Sunrise/Sunset Events with up to 24 repeatable events per Weekday


Keep Updated on CS and uSwitch Activity

● Trigger notifications from Virtual Relays for Remote relay control that can be latched, momentary, driven from local relays, local inputs, or manually controlled by an operator. Virtual Relays can be driven using either TCP or Web Sockets (with/without SSL) so that any CS can trip a CS anywhere locally or on the Web.

● Trigger notifications from user log-in and configuration changes

● Also, Receive encrypted email/SMS alerts triggered based on I/O events, Watchdog Events, and Scheduled Events

Perfect for automating access control for businesses on a schedule, irrigation, gate operations and so much more.


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