How Far Do You Have To Go To Reboot Your Network

Are you still using a bucket truck or driving to sites to reboot a camera, modem, router or switch that is locked up?

Whether you need to drive for hours, go to the top of a mountain, go down hundreds of feet in a mine, or even just around the block, you’re wasting valuable time and money.  

Designed and manufactured by uHave Control, Inc., uSwitch reboots any network device automatically when it locks up or stops communicating. It saves time and money, drastically reducing downtime. There is no need for human intervention!


Plus, uSwitch pays for itself, the very first time you don’t have to send out a bucket truck or go miles to a location to reboot a device, eliminating the consequences of lock ups.

uSwitch is an electromechanical relay with a built-in web server and is perfect for industrial, security and personal applications. 

The best part about the uSwitch is the fact that it is an out of the box solution with no need for any software. Simply wire the camera and modem power supplies separately to each FORM C relay on the uSwitch. Fully configurable by the user, uSwitch can be programmed to ping up to three independent IP Addresses or URL’s per relay. If the unit does not receive a response from these IP’s within a user definable time span, the unit automatically switches off the power supply and turns it back on again. In this configuration, each relay monitors LAN and WAN connectivity independently. 

You can log into each unit at any time and manually reboot or turn anything on or off from any web browser on an iPhone, Android or computer.

It will only take you minutes to get up and running with uSwitch. Our family of products, uSwitch, uSwitchPro and A-Plug, are the perfect preventive and proactive solutions to keep cameras, modems, routers and switches communicating reliably and eliminating the need for a bucket truck.