uSwitch CS Notifies, Logs/Graphs Events, and Power Cycles Devices


uSwitch CS automatically monitors voltage to avoid brownouts, sense overvoltage events, and monitor battery level. The onboard ADC input makes up to 64 readings per sample and notifies the user of all activity.


uSwitch relays can also be triggered based on programmed voltage levels to conserve power and ensure that the most important gear is up and running. At the same time, other battery-hungry devices get shut down until battery power has reached a normal level. 


The analog input sends real-time notifications but can also graph data for later diagnostics surrounding temperature, fluid levels, irrigation flow, and pressure.


Perfect for solar applications, remote surveillance, industrial automation, and more.




● ADC inputs are user calibratable with limits and triggers and events


● ADC supports Configurable Resolution options, Hardware Sampling Rates, Scaling, Offsets, and Hysteresis