What Liability Does Communication Failure Hold For Your Company?

All uSwitch Products Maintain Communication With An External Watchdog

Communication between network devices in most systems determines up time and inherently company revenue70% of network troubleshooting can be solved with a simple reboot. In difficult locations, this can mean hours of downtime for what can be fixed in seconds.

uSwitch is the most vital link between your modems, network endpoints, and your hosts and servers. To ensure your connectivity is active, the uSwitch 2-channel IP addressable relay automatically pings multiple URLs, servers, or hosts and rings out your connection from point to point. If your devices lock up then the uSwitch will automatically reboot them without any human intervention.

Most network systems and communications systems tend to ping from the server to the endpoint which ideally is useful in determining when devices go down, but if the modem goes offline and the connection is not restored at the endpoint, the only option is to drive to a location. uSwitch reduces truck rolls by pinging out from behind your network devices and restoring connectivity at the endpoint eliminating the need to physically go out to the site reducing fuel costs, labor, and carbon footprint.

Monitor communication, detect locked-up connectivity, and reboot your modem and your network devices independently to ensure maximum uptime regardless of isolated communication failures.

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