What Will You Do With a uSwitch 2-Channel Ethernet/WiFi Relay?


Control anything from anywhere with an iPhone, Android, Mac or PC

Open doors and gates over a LAN/WAN

Remotely trip up to 16 relays over an existing network with virtual relays 

Automatically reboot network devices without going on site

The possibilities for the uSwitch product family are endless. 

Log into any uSwitch from anywhere with an Android, iPhone, Mac, or PC 

Virtually Trigger hundreds of relays over a network from an I/O or virtual button

Seamlessly add mobile control to any existing door, gate, or access control system inexpensively and without trenching.

Automatically reboot modems, routers, cameras, and servers with the uSwitch connection detection watchdog system that will Auto Reboot devices even if the connection is entirely down to the world wide web. 

 Also, Receive encrypted email/SMS alerts triggered based on I/O events, Watchdog Events, and Scheduled Events with the uSwitch CS

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